What are the best affiliate platforms to earn money online?

8 top affiliate platforms to earn money online

Before moving on to the topic that brings us together the 8 Top affiliate platforms to earn money online.

8 top affiliate platforms to earn money online

I would like and I would like to make a brief introduction of what you will find in this post.

Define what are affiliate marketing programs, affiliate networks or platforms, affiliate pages, and of course what I imagine they are most interested in:

How to make money online without investing, or perhaps investing very little with great possibilities of becoming a great source of recurring income.

To finally give you the knowledge of how you could take advantage, apply the correct strategy (s).

However, I must understand that not everyone who is reading this post knows and understands what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than being a commission salesperson, but in this case, you do everything online, using strategies and techniques adapted to this medium.

The first thing we will do is differentiate between affiliate programs, affiliate platforms, affiliate networks.

It is very important to understand that, although the 3 are centered on the same concept, they are not the same.

For example, a producer of digital books, software, or video courses, may have an affiliate program, that is, a website where it helps its affiliates and teaches them how to promote their products, puts at their disposal a series of tools to that the affiliate uses them in their promotional campaigns.

He does not use the web to sell, he has all his products on an affiliate platform.

This affiliation network is the one in charge of processing the entire commercial system and through it, affiliates promote other people’s products and producers make their products available to affiliates so that they promote and sell them in exchange for a fee. commission,

This person has an affiliate program run in an affiliate network.

An affiliate platform is similar or equal to an affiliate network.

There is almost no difference, except that some are focused on a particular marketing niche and also teach about the subject in question and others work with all niches and have many products in different categories.

With that said, let’s start without further ado.

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Top 8 Affiliate Platforms To Make Money From Your Digital Product Affiliate Programs

We will start with the one that I think can be most useful for the scope and impact it can have on your professional growth as an entrepreneur and, most importantly, on the creation of a consistent income over time.

1. Neetwork “Digital Business School”

What is Network?

The network is as it says in English, a digital business school.

Many creators of digital courses will tell you that you can start making money online, almost immediately with their affiliate program A, B, C, and all they have to do is pull the link and start sharing it.


Suppose, this person manages to recruit 1000 affiliates, and 95% of them are newbies or beginners with some experience.

5% are marketers with medium experience and some are savvy.

What the owner of the product wants is to sell, therefore of that 95% without experience, it is likely that I achieved 10% of the sales.

This is real, because they are sales made by spamming social networks, or a family member or friend buys from them.

The bulk of the profit comes from that 5% who know how to work towards being successful with affiliate marketing.

Neetwork, precisely what it does, teaches you digital marketing so that you can be successful with affiliate marketing and create an income that allows you to live 100% of the Internet.

The reason why only 5% of the 1000 affiliates are astonishingly successful is that they have cared to learn.

They are also continually researching and applying those techniques and strategies that worked, work, and will always work.


Because, Network, not only teaches you, you can also earn money promoting their products that are of high quality.

To do this, you must enter their affiliate program and remove your affiliate links, with which you can earn a commission every time you sell one of their products.

However, you should not get confused and think that your affiliate program is the most important thing.

Remember that to be successful the first thing you must do is learn.

A doctor, architect, lawyer, chemist, the first thing to do is, acquire knowledge and practice.

Only then can you be successful, the same goes for this profession.

Now Network gives you all their training, with which you can become an expert in digital marketing.

To start your training you must click on:

100% free training to the “FREE Master in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics”


Affiliate marketing is a business whose main foundation is the trust generated between the parties involved.

But, the main piece in the business is the affiliate.

It is logical because it is you who are being the visible head.

People will buy from you and not someone else if you have earned their trust.

Hence, the importance of being consistent with what you promote.

If you do not know the course and do not apply what they teach, how are you going to convince your audience that it is the solution to achieve financial freedom?

That is why I recommend taking this master’s degree, which is the best of the best and it is free.

You take it on and while you apply the knowledge you have acquired, you promote and recommend both the course and its affiliate program.

I give you my word that if you do this, you will sell like crazy and in parallel, you will build more businesses that will increase your income as you cannot imagine.

2. Clickbank one of the best affiliate platforms and perhaps the oldest

Clickbank, without a doubt, is a benchmark for affiliate networks, because it is the best known and most famous in the world of Internet marketing.

You can earn money with Clickbank in 2 ways; as a producer or creator of products, or as an affiliate.

At Clickbank, you can find thousands of products in book format, video courses, and audio in almost all languages, however, the vast majority are in the English language.

Of the range of niches, not to mention, it is by far the one with the widest and most varied list of categories.

The best affiliate marketing platforms
The product spectrum is wide, and each category has a list of subcategories with a large number of affiliated products.

Regarding the commission structure and how much you can earn with Clickbank, we can say that this will depend on the products you choose and your knowledge, skills, and competence with digital marketing.

If you want to start promoting offers from this platform today, I am going to give you some ideas to get you started for free, without having to invest in paid traffic to get visits and conversions.

One of the best ways to promote affiliate products is by creating a niche-themed blog.

While it is true, the results to be expected with this strategy are not quick.

However, the grace is that once you manage to position your blog, the traffic is perpetual and you can automate the system so that everything works on automatic pilot.

This way you can earn money with a thematic blog with affiliate products.

Once your blog begins to have a constant and abundant flow of visits, all you have to do is keep it updated and optimized, which will not take a lot of work and it will not take too much time.

When your blog begins to bear fruit and already produces good profits, then you start working on another one and thus you repeat the process over and over again.

This is the way to create multiple streams of income that work on autopilot.


What is real is that they pay between 35 to 80% commission for sales when they are paid only once.

But when they are recurring payment products, from a single customer, you get paid every month.

The great advantage of this network is that it has very good products, with quite high prices that in some cases exceed $ 1000, but do not be scared, the Anglo pay these amounts for them is normal.

One very curious thing is that most Latino entrepreneurs avoid promoting Clickbank offers, due to the language factor.

This is a mistake because the Anglo Saxons are the ones who buy the most, and the language factor is nothing more than a mental barrier because you can do everything using the Google translator.

In a future post, I am going to reveal some strategies so that you can start working with Clickbank and I will also give you some tricks to choose good quality products.

3. Jvzoo , one of the best affiliate platforms after Clickbank

This affiliate system is very similar to Clickbank and very simple to use.

Its commission structure varies between 30 to 70%, and in some cases a little more.

It has a broad spectrum of digital products with prices ranging from $ 40 to $ 100 per product, making people more willing to pay.


When I was just getting started with affiliate marketing, I used YouTube as a promotional platform and it worked very well and continues to do so wonderfully.

You can also use a blog, also social networks, forums, blog comments, etc.

You can also go a bit more advanced and sell with email marketing, for this, it is necessary to have an auto-responder and create a marketing funnel.


  1. It has a wide range of product categories in different formats (ebook, video courses, software, etc.).
  2. Commissions per sale between which can reach up to 75 or 80%.
  3. Quality products whose price ranges between 35 and 100 dollars, which allows you to generate very good commissions.
  4. It is a company that pays its commissions in the stipulated deadlines.
  5. Robust statistics reporting system, allows you to see which products are being sold with the most success.
  6. Good marketing tools that allow you to sell more and more effectively.

However, the success or failure of your management with affiliate programs will depend on your skills and competencies in digital marketing.

Therefore training with Neetwork is essential to be able to be successful in the world of digital marketing, whatever the business you want to build. Me

4. Warriors Plus another great affiliate network to make money from internet marketing.

What is Warriors Plus?

Warrior Plus is another network or affiliate marketing platform with thousands of products that you can promote on your blog or website.

One of the characteristics of Warriors Plus is the great variety of products that you can find in a wide variety of categories.

You can make money as a producer or as an affiliate.

Most of the products are in English and you can find very low-priced products.

Without a doubt, it is one more alternative to consider.

5. Hotmart , the Latino affiliate network.

I love Hotmart, it is a great network specialized in products for the Latin world.

However, I will do a bird flight because it is not my intention to delve into everything you can do now, but yes, I promise to do a very good review in a post dedicated exclusively to this case.

This amazing affiliate network is really very complete and you can not only sell as you do with other platforms.

This is special in many ways, it has many tools that help the affiliate across the spectrum of what to know and apply to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Commissions range from 50% to a little more for product sales.

Commissions are paid through Paypal or directly to a bank account.

Something that is really useful are its tools that, if you use them in the right way, can drastically increase your sales.


One of the most useful is the automated delivery of bonuses.

It is likely that you are very new and do not understand what I am talking about.

You can force the sale through the delivery of bonds.

Let’s say you are selling product X and this product offers some bonuses in its sales letter.

All the affiliates you are promoting are offering the same.

However, as you are more skilled, you decide, in addition to the bonuses that the product offers, to add a package that contains 3 or more additional bonuses.

This raises the product perception from valuable to very valuable.

It cannot be otherwise, you are adding more products to the offer.

Now, in addition, you add scarcity and time limit, you will have more possibilities to sell the product.

Being able to automate the delivery of vouchers is a plus since when the customer bought, the vouchers will automatically be delivered.

6. Digistore 24 , modern and versatile, another one of the affiliation platforms in English with which you can work

Without a doubt, this is a great affiliate platform with which you will be able to earn money as an affiliate, selling your products 100% online.

What strikes me the most about this great network are its products that are aimed at people who are willing to invest in quality digital items.

Product prices can range from $ 50 to $ 500 with commissions ranging from 35 to 80%, depending on the product.

In this image, you can see the number of niches or categories with which you can start promoting.

Affiliate Pages
The variety of products that you can find is impressive and the best of all is that most have their corresponding affiliate programs incorporated.

We could say that Digistore 24 is at the level of Clickbank and Jvzoo and it is recommended to start generating income promoting in the Anglo world.

7. PayDotCom , another of the affiliate platforms to earn money with English-speaking affiliate programs.

In recent years, this network has been positioning itself as a very good alternative to Clickbank.

She has many virtues that make her very attractive to work with.

It has a very complete battery of tutorials that teach you how the page works and what you should do if you dedicate yourself to being a producer or if you want to work as an affiliate promoter.

Clickbank really is a benchmark within the affiliate platforms, however, if you are new to affiliate marketing, working with PayDotCom would be an excellent idea, since it does not put you barriers to receiving your first commissions.

In addition, it does it directly to your Paypal account and its products are of the same quality as Clickbank.

8. Click2Sell , one of the best quality affiliate networks, but little known

If you are just starting with digital marketing and you want your money to be in your account as quickly as possible.

Then this is your affiliate network because they pay religiously every week.

If you ask me if it is a good affiliate network that you can trust.

I give you a resounding yes, and I don’t say so why did it occur to me.

One of the most prestigious pages where you can enter and investigate how good a network is or if it has any hidden sin is Affiliate Paying.

I leave you a screenshot so you can see it with your own eyes.

The best affiliate programs
As you can see, this page endorses the quality of this affiliate platform.

Another great virtue of this page is that you can and have several options for paying your commissions.

You have the possibility of receiving your commissions in Payoneer and if in your country you have restrictions with this processor, you have Skrill, Payoneer, bank transfer, and Moneybookers, as you can, you have alternatives, so, you can work calmly with this company.

Take advantage of this content and start today to train yourself as an expert online entrepreneur in digital marketing.

Just click on the Network link and start your training.

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You can also leave me a comment, this will always be well received as long as it is not spam.

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Well, that would be it.

May God bless you and may all your ways prosper.

A hug and much success.

Nestor Beltran.

Author of Blog and Money.

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