Menem’s former lawyer was hospitalized for a shot in the throat: they investigate “attempted suicide”

Menem's former lawyer was hospitalized

Omar Daer, also the father-in-law of the mayor of Quilmes Mayra Mendoza, is hospitalized after his wife found him lying on his bed all bloody and with a gun in his hand.

Menem's former lawyer was hospitalized

In the last few hours, Omar Luis Daer , former lawyer of  Carlos Menem  and father-in-law of Mayra Mendoza , was hospitalized for a  gunshot to the throat  at the El Cruce Hospital in Florencio Varela . The police report indicates that it is being investigated if it was a  suicide attempt.

The incident occurred at the lawyer’s house in Barrio Parque , Bernal, where he was with his wife,  María Cecilia Attolini,  who called 911 after hearing the shot. According to Daer ‘s wife, the 66-year -old lawyer went to his room after a  couple’s argument and minutes later the shot was heard.

In this context, after the shot, Attolini went to the room and found her husband on the bed, face up, with  a gun in his right hand and blood stains  caused by the impact of the bullet. As detailed by the lawyer’s wife, he asked a neighbor for help , identified as  Federico Martín Cariati,  and then called the ambulance and the police.

Likewise, according to what was reported by the SAME doctors, Carlos Menem’s former lawyer showed vital signs  and for this reason he was immediately transferred to the  Iriarte Hospital in Quilmes. He was later referred to the El Cruce hospital  in the town of  Florencio Varela.

Meanwhile, according to the official part of the investigations carried out by the police officers, Daer had depression conditions and was “taking anti-anxiety medication” . The case, labeled  “Attempted suicide” , was left in the hands of UFI No. 6 of the Quilmes Judicial Department , through the prosecutor on duty, Dr. Mariana Curra Zamaniego.

Who is Omar Daer?

Omar Daer was Carlos Menem ‘s lawyer in cases such as the  illegal sale of arms from Ecuador and the explosions at the Military Factory of Río Tercero , Córdoba, which occurred in 1995 , among others. In addition, the lawyer also held positions during Menem ‘s terms : he was his adviser in the Senate for nine years.

Nicknamed ‘Turco’, Omar Daer is also  the father-in-law of Mayra Mendoza , who is in a relationship with his son Sebastián, and was  a co-judge of the Supreme Court of Justice  of the province of Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, the lawyer has been a militant for many years in the Justicialist Party . He has a  close relationship with Aníbal Fernández  and was president of the  Argentine club of Quilmes.

After the death of Carlos Menem , in February of last year, Omar had given an interview to the newspaper El Sol in which he defined the senator from La Rioja as “a great person and a great politician” . “Menem always sought the best for Argentina ,” he said at the time.

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