How to Answer instantly through WhatsApp with Sirena’s automatic responses


An automatic response allows you to be in control of the start of the conversation of your clients with the advisors and helps you avoid unnecessary delays in repetitive messages.


Based on a constant dialogue with our clients, we develop functionalities that facilitate their daily work. The focus, this time, is on process automation. 

We work so that businesses avoid dealing with those tasks that are cumbersome and focus on what really makes them grow. That is why we are constantly generating solutions based on your most common problems.

So far this year we have introduced different features that look towards that horizon, from buttons for your websites, to shared message trays. We listen to your challenges and act accordingly. 

What processes can we automate?

In this constant back and forth with customers, we realized that they had some specific problems that we could solve with our team. 

On the one hand, in our analysis we concluded that 80% of conversations start with similar messages: that is, each business has a well-defined group of messages that are repeated in conversations over and over again. 

We saw that most companies have more or less pre-established welcome messages. But in addition, they define an absence message for when they are not paying commercial attention. 

This was the trigger that got us working on new functionality.

We create automatic messages that the team leader can write and preset.

welcome to mermaid

Thus, companies can respond instantly, align communication, voice, and tone. But in addition, they make sure that clients have the information they need and that this does not depend on whether or not an advisor remembers to communicate it.

In this way, businesses can handle a large number of customers in an efficient and unified way.

If you want to know more about how Sirena and Zenvia, official WhatsApp partners, can help you enhance communication with your customers, click on the image.

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