Desires That Influence the Law of Attraction – Law of Attraction Classics: WW Atkinson

Desires That Influence the Law of Attraction – Law of Attraction Classics: WW Atkinson

This Desire-Force is a primitive, elemental issue. It is found within the animal country, and many of the decrease races of guys, possibly greater really than a number of the higher kinds of guys, however simplest because in such instances it’s far visible stripped of the protecting, sheaths, disguises and masks that surround the greater civilized forms and planes of lifestyles.

But consider this well, the same precept is manifested below and beneath the polished veneer of civilized lifestyles — the Desire-Force of the classy leader of fellows is as elemental as that animating the fierce and shaggy caveman or the wild Berserker who, naked and half of-mad, rushed upon overwhelming hordes of his enemy, brushing them apart like flies — this is, if you’ll however look under the polished surface. In the vintage wild days Desire manifested its force on the physical aircraft — now it manifests at the Mental Plane — that is the most effective difference, the Force is the equal in each cases.

While we write, there has just been produced on stage a new play that illustrates this precept. The heroine, the daughter of an antique New York circle of relatives of high social standing and wealth, has a dream of her lifestyles in a former incarnation, wherein she sees herself torn from the palms of her cave-dweller father by means of the powerful palms of a fierce savage chief, whose desire is manifested thru the bodily. She awakens from her dream, and to her horror quickly discovers the face of her dream-captor on a man who comes into her father’s lifestyles in New York.

This man comes from the West, forceful, innovative and desirous, beating down all before him in the game of finance. As of antique, he locations his foot no longer on the neck of his enemies — but at the mental-plane, this time, rather than the bodily. The same antique Desire for strength is robust within him — the identical vintage masterfulness manifests itself. This man says: “I have never end; I actually have by no means been afraid.”

The equal old Desire then flamed up within the savage now manifests inside the Master of Wall Street, and between the pressure of its Attraction and the coupled and allied force of his Will, he repeats the performances of his previous incarnation — however at the plane of mental forces and achievement this time — thoughts, now not muscle, being the instrument through which the Desire manifests.

We give the above instance simply as an example of the truth that Desire is the motivating pressure that movements the Will into motion, and which purpose the various activity of existence, men and matters.

Desire-Force is a real strength in lifestyles, and influences no longer simplest tracts, however affects and compels other men and women and things to swing in towards the center of the Desire sending forth the currents. In the Secret of Success, Desire plays a prominent component. Without a Desire for Success, there is no Success, none. The Law of Attraction is set into movement through Desire.

The majority of the concepts superior on this book were in the nature of Positive injunctions — that is, you have been entreated to do sure matters as opposed to to not do the alternative or opposite. But here we come to an area in which the advice ought to be given alongside the poor lines — we should urge you now not to do a certain component. We allude to that incredible poison of the thoughts and Will called Fear.

We do not allude to bodily fear — crucial although bodily courage can be, and as regrettable as physical cowardice may be considered, nonetheless it isn’t always part of the reason of this ebook to preach in opposition to the latter and advocate a cultivation of the previous quality — you will find plenty of that elsewhere.

Our motive right here is to fight that subtle, insidious enemy of true Self-Expression which seems within the form and guise of mental worry, forebodings which can be considered as Negative Thought simply as the other ideas referred to in this paintings may be taken into consideration as Positive Thought.

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