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Software As a Service SAAS, In order to improve the management of your company and, consequently, increase profits, we offer you a list of applications that will help you in your processes. Remember, SAAS is software created to improve your activities and that of your workers. In addition, these programs will not have to be downloaded to your device, and you will have access to them whenever and wherever you want. 


What are the best SAAS for your company? 

More and more companies and organizations are using applications with access to the internet cloud. The best SAAS are those that offer basic applications for companies with a special service according to the customer’s need and preference. Among the programs best known for working with SAAS, we find: 


Thanks to the DocuSign platform, it is easier to enjoy good business relationships. This is because it has well-designed contracts and agreements. In addition, it has applications to make alliances, as well as prepare the management of agreements. Here you can make your electronic signature in a matter of seconds. 

However, what stands out the most from the functions of this system is the management of the life of the contracts, whether they are labor or sales. Here you find certificate-based signatures and electronic notaries. So anything you do in this system is completely legal in the country. 


This automation platform offers you an email marketing service. Because you enjoy all the benefits of digital advertising and more. Professionals in this niche have a presence on this platform, which makes it a benchmark in the sector. 

What do you enjoy with Mailchimp? You have a control panel that helps you launch advertising campaigns automatically. By doing an automated analysis of the audience, it is possible to send the messages to specific contacts, thus increasing the chances of success of the campaign. 

You don’t have to be an expert in digital marketing to increase your customers and, consequently, your sales. You only need a SAAS specialized in message marketing, that sends the advertising to the right people, and more importantly, that they arrive at the right time. 


This email platform helps you create your online store. Shopify is perfect for retail systems, as it has payment, shipping, marketing, and customer engagement services. 

With this platform, it is simpler to create and maintain an online store. Therefore, it is perfect for SMEs. And the most important thing for a merchant, the payments of their clients are simpler since they have several methods available (mobile, social, or through Shopify Pay. Therefore, sales have higher performance, in addition to enjoying a reporting service. 


It is a 100% online invoice generation system. Here you will have your electronic invoices, as well as receipts for product payments for your business. The portal offers you tax receipts without downloading applications, also you do not have payment terms to enjoy the service. 

Another benefit of this SAAS is that you have a payroll stamping system. This means that you can gather your employees’ information in one place, generating payroll receipts in a matter of seconds, making payments to your employees easier and faster. Thanks to this, you can keep your workers happy, thus influencing their productivity.


The Customer Relationship Management software is known as CRM, which is responsible for creating business practices and strategies that will help you have a better relationship with your customers. 

Among the functions that you will find in the Customer Relationship Management software is the administration of your interactions, being able to anticipate the needs and desires of consumers. Thanks to this, you can optimize and increase sales through training campaigns. 

You will have marketing activities, customer service, sales management, and more. And the best thing is that you do not have to download any type of program because like all SAAS, it has a connection to the internet cloud. In addition, using it is very simple, not to mention that you have 24/7 attention from professionals who will guide you through the entire process.

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